Classes of Play

Nations Baseball offers four divisions of play.  There is a very lengthy article on player classification and the responsibility of coaches and parents in a page posted here.  But this page will give you a basic overview of what teams should be classified as and a general guideline as to where you can expect to play.

Metro - This is our recreational program.  Every child is eligible to participate as long as they show up and make the appropriate financial arrangements with their local league (note, we do not have boundaries assigning a player to a league, but we assume you will go to one convenient to your home, not travel many towns away.)  Each Metro league will submit their draft plan to Nations Baseball for approval to attempt to ensure consistency and reasonable balance between leagues.  Player previous status is not considered in our Metro program as players may choose to return to their recreational program for a variety of reasons and kids should always be able to represent their community.  For play outside of the local league (tournaments, State and National events) to be eligible, they must not appear on a Select or higher roster after April 1st of the current season, and participated in 80% of the games for league to that point in the season.  Outside influences will be considered on a case by case basis but must be raised in excess of 48 hours in advance of the event (kid is on a high school roster or other sanctioned roster).  In these cases, the person filing the protest must supply verifiable written proof that a player(s) have participated on a Select or higher equivalent roster after April 1st of the given year, and in the case of a full team or predominance of a team, that they have not only participated, but achieved a notable level of success to be deemed not of that class, this will be a subjective process reviewed the by the North Texas Reclass committee.  Players are not considered ineligible for making their All-Star teams, but, All-Star candidates must be verifiable and Metro teams may not add other All-Star players to their rosters for outside of league play.  In a historic youth league setting, a metro league team would generally consist of all of the players who played outfield and bench every other inning and batted at the end of the lineup.  In general, the vast majority of these players are the kids doing 5 different activities and this is another activity for them to participate in.

Select - This is our entry level into competitive baseball.  Teams will be formed in a variety of ways and formation is of a general assessment, not by a specific formation method.  What you can expect to find in select are Metro teams who have achieved a certain level of success in the prior season and wish to keep their team together.  You will also find this as the entry level for a leagues All-Star team.  In this division, you generally find groups of kids who have all passed the beginner level of baseball and have played a season or 2, the teams will probably hold some kind of tryout to select the players who will join the team, and you will find that 

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