Your NEW North Texas Directors are John Carroll and Steve Allison.

John Carroll is a long time tournament director, with over 100 tournament under his belt with an average size of 110 teams in his events, he has a great deal of understanding what the teams want and need. John has administered a league for the last 5 years with 200+ teams each spring, 3 divisions, and been responsible for Uniforms, Officials, Concessions, Tournaments, Schedules, and Fields. Before Coming to Texas, he was a member of the board for the program in Des Moines, IA.

Steve Allison has been a key element in one of the largest leagues in the country, having over 150 tournaments experience, with an average participation of over 130 teams, he can help you understand what needs to be done. Steve has been in charge of Registration, Equipment, Scheduling, Officials, Tournaments, and Treasury for a program that has over 1800 teams in tournaments each year and over 600 teams in the league and responsible for the management of 7 sports under one umbrella.

Administrative Contacts
John Carroll North Texas Director
Steve Allison Assistant North Texas Director
Local Directors
Leslie Harwell Mesquite Baseball

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Let's Get American
World Series
West vs. East
North Carolina is Great

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